What makes the blu™ e-cigarette different?

You’ve got 1001 e-cigarette brands in the UK (and beyond) to choose from.
Here’s why we think you should pick us.



Picked by our customers, our electronic cigarette flavours are the best in the UK. All made from the finest ingredients.


Get a great experience from your first draw. We test our electric cigarette products until they're consistently awesome.


Enjoy style and substance – with the best vape possible. We designed our UK e-cigarette range to fit with your lifestyle.


From our easy-osey disposables to our advanced Pro Kit, you’ll enjoy lovely flavours with our electronic cigarettes.

We have a wide range of electronic cigarettes. From rechargeable kits to simple disposables, great tasting cartridge refills to refillable tanks
and e-liquids. We've got everything you need.

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about blu

The blu UK E-Cigarette

We’re pretty proud of our UK electronic cigarettes. We use industry-leading technology and offer the best service we can. That makes blu UK an electronic cigarette brand you can trust.

The blu e-cigarette offers you a modern alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. We design our products around you. So they look, feel and taste great.

You can enjoy a blu electronic cigarette almost anywhere. They don’t burn tobacco, so they’re not banned in the UK like cigarettes, and there’s no smoke, smell or stains.

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The blu UK Story

We’re blu UK electronic cigarettes, and we’ve come a long way in the last few years. We started small but have quickly grown into one of the largest and best electronic cigarette brands in the UK, maybe the world.

We’re leading the way in electric cigarette products, and we’ve built a thriving community spirit too. Your feedback has helped us create the best electronic cigarette in the UK. So keep talking to us.

That way, we can keep improving our e-cigarette range and customer service. Want to learn a bit more about us and how we got to where we are?

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