Howl with laughter this Halloween

We love Halloween. But pumpkins scare the hell out of us. That’s why we asked guest blogger, Louisa, to share some funny, spooky films with us. Here’s her top 5 picks.

Young Frankenstein (1974)

A spooky spoof based on Mary Shelley’s classic book. This is the third Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder collaboration, and it might just be the best one.

Wilder plays (Young) Dr Frankenstein (he pronounces it ‘Fronkensteen’ to disassociate himself from his lineage), the grandson of the famous corpse-resurrecting Frankenstein. He travels from his home in the States to Transylvania with news of his grandfather’s will. As a gifted neurosurgeon himself, he believes his grandfather’s work to be nonsensical.


blu Music Tour at Newcastle's World Headquarters28

blu at Newcastle’s HQ

The blu Music Tour got all grimey at Newcastle’s famous World Headquarters.

First up was Deadboy, the London-based artist signed to Glasgow’s Numbers label. His high-energy set thrilled the crowd with grime, garage and dancehall classics – with some R&B thrown in too.

Up next was the headline act Pinch. The Bristol-based DJ is famous for bringing dubstep back to the South West, and tunes for Planet Mu and his own Tectonic label.

This set, Pinch focused on bass-heavy techno with some jungle, hardcore and garage throwbacks. In the age of Serato and USB stick DJing, it was refreshing to see a vinyl-only set – and loads of dubplates!



Mumdance and Novelist rounded off the night. Mumdance got the crowd purring with his latest release for Rinse label, Take Time. But it was Novelist that made the night.

Manning the microphone, the young MC threw down some London-style grime lyrics – wowing the crowds with words beyond his years. A perfect end to a nice n’ grimey night. See the pics here.


Top tunes at Fez Club

On Saturday night, the blu Music Tour took over the home of Sheffield’s underground dance scene – Fez Club.

Eliphino warmed things up nicely with his genre-warping blend of House, Garage and Grime. The Leeds-born, Berlin-based producer mixed underground tracks with classics like Armand Van Helden’s U Don’t Know Me.




Why vapers are more attractive than smokers

Autumn’s here and we’ve been digging out our thick jumpers, beanies and mittens. And they’re all cigarette-smell free, of course. That’s because we only vape blu™ e-cigs here, thank you very much.

Our super fresh woollens got us thinking about the other benefits e-cigs have over cigarettes. And, as vain as it sounds, why vapers might just be better looking that smokers. Let’s see why…



Vaping – when’s good for you?

Some moments are just better with an e-cig in your hand. Christenings, PT meetings and jury duty probably aren’t those times. So, what are?

That’s what we asked you guys in our recent e-cig survey. Here’s what 120 of you had to say.

Top times

In joint second place, with 21% of the vote, you guys picked “after some food” and “with a drink” as your favourite times to vape. Third place was also a tiebreak. “First thing in the morning” and “‘smoking’ breaks at work” both got 16%. So, “what came first” we hear you cry? Drumroll… “another time” with 27% of the vote.

Your favourite times to vape



blu gets twisted in Dublin

We ferried the blu bus over to Ireland for the latest leg of the blu Music Tour.

It’s a good thing we asked Dublinites to get there early. 600 people packed out the Middle Abbey Street venue. They got there just in time to enjoy an epic night of dance music at Dublin’s Twisted Pepper.





blue LEDs win Nobel Prize

The scientists behind blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) have just won the 2014 Nobel Prize for physics. Yup, that’s the very same LEDs that light up when you puff on your blu™ e-cig.

Professors Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura scooped the award in Sweden. They’ll share prize money of eight million kronor (£0.7m), and join a list of great minds including 2013 winner Peter Higgs (of “God particle” fame).



Why vapers think e-cigs are better than cigs

The results from our e-cig and vaping survey are in. Thanks to the 120 of you who took part.

One of the questions we asked you was, “Now that you use e-cigs, which benefit have you noticed most?” Here’s what you said was the best part about using e-cigs over cigarettes.

And the winner is…



Pro or Premium? Or is that Pro and Premium?

If you’re asking yourself whether to take the plunge into the world of e-cigs, then both the blu™ Pro Kit and Premium Kit make fine choices. But really, it’s a choice you don’t have to make.

It’s a bit like comparing shorts with trousers – they do different things. Perhaps the questions more worth asking are how and where am I going to use them?

As a daily and occasionally heavy social smoker of 30 years, here’s why I’ve switched from tobacco to using both e-cig kits. On the one hand, the Pro is more satisfying – it consistently delivers a great ‘hit’. On the other, the Premium Kit comes into its own when you’re out and about.