Premium Kit vs. Pro Kit – who’s champ?

Looking to step up from your Starter Kit? Well, we’ve put our two heavy hitters in the ring to see who comes out top. “Aiidriaaann!”

Round 1 – battery life
The Premium Kit boasts on the go charging. Its durable case is a portable charger that carries two batteries, so you’ll never go without.

The Pro Kit doesn’t charge on the go, but with its massive 950mah battery, it lasts AGES between charges. And with a 1.8ml clearomiser, you shouldn’t run out of liquid very easily when you’re out and about.

Looks all even after the first round.


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Vaping in public – where you can and can’t

2.1 million people use e-cigarettes in the UK. That’s a lot of lips. E-cigs don’t have the tobacco smoke, ash or smell of traditional cigarettes, so they’re not banned by law in public spaces. Despite this, many places won’t let you vape in public. Let’s look at where you can and can’t use blu™ e-cigs.



Word up vapers – “e-cig” added to the Oxford Dictionary

Next time someone asks you, “what’s vaping?”, you can tell them to look it up in the dictionary.

The Oxford Dictionary has just added “e-cig” and “vape” to its online listings. Its researchers say the use of “vape” and “e-cig” has increased ten times in the past two years. They say, “The trend of e-cigarettes has created a sort of vocabulary around it.”



How to fill your Pro Kit

So, you’ve bought a Pro Kit. You’ve given it a name. And you’ve sewn a special Pro Kit pocket into your jeans. Now, how do you fill it up right?
We’ve put together a quick guide to filling your Pro Kit with e-liquid.
Say goodbye to leaky tanks.

Watch the video:



Vape your drink as well as your blu? A weird and wonderful invention hits the news…

As you know, we’re all about vapour at blu eCigs, so we were fascinated to hear that a US company has made “the first and only laboratory tested vapour system for spirits” so that, not only can you vape your blu, but apparently you can vape your drink too!
Similar in size and looks to a coffee machine, the gizmo vapourises sprits into a fine mist. You then pipe vapour into a plastic bottle and inhale with a straw.
The National Alcohol Research Center has voiced concerns over taking too much but Vapshot argues that “intoxication and ethyl alcohol levels” are significantly less than drinking alcohol. Interesting idea if pricey at £412 – we think we’ll stick with our blu eCigs!



blu’s new e-liquid flavours – picked by you

The results are in.

This June, we asked our Facebook followers which Cartridge Refills they’d like to see as e-liquids. Like a mini-presidential election, there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing among the frontrunners.

Tobacco Gold, Rich Tobacco and Vanilla came out top, but the vote was so close (19%, 31% and 37%) that we figured we’d make all three. We’re good like that.

The bit before that

Long before the Facebook vote, our analysts spent weeks researching the market, looking for which e-liquid flavours were hot. And of course, we asked you guys what you’d like to vape.