Exclusive interview with Finnebassen

Our guest bloggers from the Music Brewery caught up with Norwegian rising star Finnebassen – just moments before he went on stage at the Glasgow School of Art. What followed was an insightful, funny and interesting interview with an awesome guy.

So, Finnebassen how did your musical journey start?

“The first thing that really caught my ear was Silent Shout by The Knife…I was into more rock, blues, R ‘n’ B – I was all over the place genre wise and when I heard that track I was like ‘woah what’s going on with that thing’.”

“I went to more techno parties in Oslo and I was really enjoying the dark theme of the club, on contrary to seeing everyone, you were on your own. You are individual but at the same time you’re among other people.”

What is your opinion of the superstar DJs, like David Guetta and Calvin Harris, who we see dominating the charts nowadays?

“I think they deserve massive amounts of respect. You have to remember, although he probably uses playback, David Guetta has been where everyone else has been, he started where everyone else started. He’s changed the music scene as we know it today. Personally, I don’t like his music but I dare anyone to say they don’t respect what that guy’s achieved.”

Would you ever go down the same path as Guetta?

“I would never produce something for anyone else. I would have my name on it and I would have to be able to stand behind it. I would never just ghost write something for someone. I’m a musician and not a DJ/producer. I see myself as a musician first and everything else comes second to that. I don’t see myself DJing for my whole musical career.”

Lastly, what do people back home in Norway make of your success?

“When you’re from Norway, if you think too highly of yourself they will shoot you down the minute you come back. They will be like WHO THE F*** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!”

Thanks for your time Finnebassen, we’ll follow you down to catch your set shortly.

You can read Music Brewery’s review of the gig here.

By guest bloggers Calum Woodger and John Wight from The Music Brewery.


blu and Mixmag rock Glasgow’s Art School

We rolled the #blufreedom bus up Renfrew Street to bring some Scandinavian bass to Glasgow’s School of Art – along with blu™ e-cig freebies.

blu eCigs teamed up with Mixmag to host the night. And it kicked off in style with a set from Crazy P, James and Danielle. Their feel good mix with live singing set the upbeat tone for the evening.

The first of our two headline Scandinavians, Jonas Rathsman, opened with huge tracks from the summer festival circuit – his own ‘I Hope I’m Wrong’ and the Felkon remix of Jamiroquai’s ‘Too Young To Die’. It’s easy to see why Pete Tong voted him ‘Future Star’ on his Radio 1 show.

The night concluded with Finnebassen, who started with an exclusive remix of Grace Jones’s ‘La Vie en Rose’. His mesmerizing set left the audience chanting ‘one more tune’. And he obliged with Andre Bratten’s remix of ‘Changing of the Guard’ by Holy Ghost!

You can check out pics from the night on our facebook page. Plus you can watch Finnebassen and Crazy P’s set on the Mixmag site.

Next stop for the blu Music Tour is Dublin. We hope to see you there.

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What new e-cig laws mean for you

New laws will affect how smokers use cigarettes and e-cigs in Europe. Let’s take a look at what the regulations mean for blu eCigs – and for you…

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is the set of laws put in place by the European Commission (EU). It covers the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products. So that’s e-cigs too.

New rules were set in motion in May 2014. The EU wants to ensure the quality and safety of products for consumers. (That sounds pretty good by us.) We’ve got till May 2016 to comply with the TPD. So, what have we got to do?

What does it mean for blu?

By 20 November 2016, blu (along with other e-cig companies) must provide the EU with information around manufacturing, traceability and the quality control of our products – including everything that goes into them. So, we’ll provide lists of ingredients, information on nicotine levels/uptake, what parts make up our e-cigs and more.

What does it mean for you?

We get asked about the plain packaging a lot. Thankfully, the plain packaging laws will only apply to traditional cigarettes. So you’ll still enjoy your cool blu packaging. And the shape of your case. Only slim, lipstick style cigarette packs will come off the market under new laws.

You’ll still get to choose your nicotine level too. So for blu™ e-cigs, that’s 0, 6, 12 and 18mg.

Are you a menthol puffer or cherry vaper? Chill. You’ll still get to enjoy all your blu flavours. Proposed bans on flavours only concern traditional cigarettes and rolling tobacco.

Let’s do this

We take a lot of pride in our transparent supply chain, and having complete control over what goes into our e-cigs. So we welcome the new TPD. It’s the best way to ensure you guys get a quality and consistent product to enjoy. We feel everyone should be open to regulation, as strict quality control will only improve the market – and e-cigs.

In other words, you guys can relax. We’ll continue to comply with all regulations so you can keep on enjoying your blu products.

Find out more about the TPD >


4 top tips to look after your e-cig

From time to time, it’s a good idea to give your e-cig a little TLC. Whether it’s a quick clean down or storing it right, here are some easy ways to improve the performance and lifetime of your e-cig.

1 – Cotton buds are your battery’s best friend

With both the larger Pro Kit battery and the smaller Starter/Premium Kit battery, it’s a good idea to use a cotton bud to give it a clean. Occasionally debris or a little e-liquid can gather at the metal point where the clearomiser or cartridge connects with the battery. Take your dry cotton bud and twist it around in the socket – giving all sides a good wipe down. This will help you get the best possible connection. And a good connection means better vapour.



3 ways to get your next e-cig for free

It’s great to get free stuff. But it’s even better when you’ve earned it. That’s what our rewards scheme – blu Coins – is all about. We give you blu Coins for your loyalty. And you can spend them on our website – saving money every time you do. Here are our top three ways to earn more blu Coins.



Premium Kit vs. Pro Kit – who’s champ?

Looking to step up from your Starter Kit? Well, we’ve put our two heavy hitters in the ring to see who comes out top. “Aiidriaaann!”

Round 1 – battery life
The Premium Kit boasts on the go charging. Its durable case is a portable charger that carries two batteries, so you’ll never go without.

The Pro Kit doesn’t charge on the go, but with its massive 950mah battery, it lasts AGES between charges. And with a 1.8ml clearomiser, you shouldn’t run out of liquid very easily when you’re out and about.

Looks all even after the first round.


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Vaping in public – where you can and can’t

2.1 million people use e-cigarettes in the UK. That’s a lot of lips. E-cigs don’t have the tobacco smoke, ash or smell of traditional cigarettes, so they’re not banned by law in public spaces. Despite this, many places won’t let you vape in public. Let’s look at where you can and can’t use blu™ e-cigs.



Word up vapers – “e-cig” added to the Oxford Dictionary

Next time someone asks you, “what’s vaping?”, you can tell them to look it up in the dictionary.

The Oxford Dictionary has just added “e-cig” and “vape” to its online listings. Its researchers say the use of “vape” and “e-cig” has increased ten times in the past two years. They say, “The trend of e-cigarettes has created a sort of vocabulary around it.”