Wondering how your cigs will compare to the electronic variety? This page outlines how the two products compare overall in several key areas: cost, convenience, odour and experience.


Tobacco cigarettes are expensive, plain and simple. This expense puts tobacco cigs at a severe disadvantage when compared to e-cigarettes, as customers who make the switch typically see significant savings. While the cost of both tobacco and electronic cigarettes varies by brand, blu can save the average customer up to 82% when using our classic blu with cartridges or even up to 92% when using our Pro Tank and e-liquid range. See our Cost Savings page for a more detailed explanation of this estimation.

Within weeks of switching, e-cig users see a noticeable amount of extra money they can put towards other things – like a holiday each year, a new car, or a dinner out each week.


With the ban on cigarette smoking instituted across the UK in July 2007, smokers have been essentially segregated from public spaces in order to smoke. Whether due to the smoker having to stand out in the cold, or having to wait long periods (such as when on an aeroplane) in order to smoke, smoking tobacco cigarettes can often become a serious inconvenience. On the other end of the spectrum, users of electronic cigarettes are able to use the product almost anywhere, anytime, providing a much more convenient and accessible means to enjoy the product.

Why e-cigarettes can be used anywhere

Electronic cigarette users can usually ignore ‘no smoking’ signs as they don’t apply to electronic cigs. Because e-cigs don’t burn tobacco, they are not covered under the UK ban on cigarette smoking.
E-cigarettes produce no residual odour and no tobacco smoke, so they can be used even in the most enclosed spaces, with the permission of the location manager, without inconveniencing others. For more details on why e-cigarettes can be used anywhere, see our Smoke Anywhere page.

Purchase e-cigarettes almost anywhere

Like other brands, blu™ electronic cigarettes are offered at many stockists across the UK. Use our Stockist Locator to find one near you and check if the flavour or kit you're after is available there. And if you'd like to enjoy your electric cigarette straight away but don't want to worry about charging, you can also find our blu disposable e-cigs there.


The disadvantages of tobacco smoke smell

One of the most common things smokers note as a drawback of tobacco cigarettes is the overpowering smell. As smokers are acutely aware, the odour of cigarette smoke quickly overpowers a room, and leaves a pungent lasting scent in the car, on your hair, skin, clothes, and on any other fabrics exposed to direct smoke.

The odourless advantage of electronic cigarettes

Most electric cigarettes, including all blu products, leave no lingering scent. What does this mean for you? You can enjoy blu electronic cigarettes without worrying about smelling bad for hours afterwards. You can use electric cigarettes without staining your teeth, making your clothes smell like an ashtray, or offending those around you.


One of the most common reasons people give for not trying electronic cigarettes sooner is that they’re concerned the sensation of smoking will not be the same as their favourite cigs. While this concern is completely understandable, it is usually quickly dispelled once users try blu products. If you are concerned about how the electronic cigarette experience compares to your favourite tobacco cigarettes, simply give it a try. blu e-cigs simulate the authentic tobacco cigarette experience surprisingly well.
blu allows you to choose the type of Kit and e-cigarette which best suits your needs and our customers are often pleased that blu™ e-cigarettes are available in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavours as well as E-Liquids, meaning their e-cigarette experience may just be even better than smoking tobacco.
For a quick overview and better understanding of how our different kits and e-cigarette models compare, please refer to our Kits vs. Disposables page.