blu™ electronic cigarettes offer the perfect alternative to traditional tobacco. All our products are designed with our users in mind. So not only are they stylish, reliable and effective, but also easy to use.

It can never hurt to have too much information. So, with that in mind, we've put together a couple of videos for our kits to give you just that.

blu Starter Kit - How it works

blu Premium Kit

blu Premium is the choice for anyone on the go. With the Premium Kit you get our unique charging case, which means no more being caught without a charged battery. Check out the video to learn more and see how easy it is to use the Premium Kit.

blu Premium - How it works

blu Starter Kit

The ideal introduction to the world of electronic cigarettes. Take a look at our video to find out more and see for yourself just how simple it is to use.

What’s inside a blu eCigs® electronic cigarette

When you start puffing on a blu e-cig, a motion sensor within the battery detects the air flow and activates the vapouriser inside the cartridge refill. As the liquid heats, it mixes with the air to create vapour.

How An E-Cig Works

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