blu™ electronic cigarettes are available in shops up and down the UK. Running low on cartridges or e-liquids? Looking for a kit and no time to order? Now you can nip down to your local store and grab your e-cigarette refill cartridges and other blu products with the rest of your shopping. Simply enter your postcode or town name to find a stockist nearest you. Please check with the stockist in advance to ensure the product you're after is available, as the stores listed may not stock the full blu range.

Enter your postcode, town or city above to find a blu stockist near you...

Enter you postcode, town or city above and find a blu electronic cigarette stockist near you...

Can’t find a blu stockist?

At blu, we want to make our electronic cigarettes as accessible as possible to you, our customers. Our expert team works all over the country to make blu e-cigs available in local shops everywhere. If you can't find a stockist in a suitable location, please check back soon as we add more shops every day.

Remember, you can always place your order with us online or over the phone. Our full range of blu electric cigarettes are available to order 24 hours a day on our website, or by calling 0800 014 93 55. You'll receive free tracked shipping on all UK orders over £45 and our Customer Services Team is always on hand for any questions you may have.

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Want to stock blu?

Over the last several years, blu has grown to become a recognisable brand across the UK, and now services a wide, established base of over 150,000 online users. A market leader in the booming e-cig industry, we're now focusing on supplying the trade to ensure availability of our e-cigarettes to all our customers.

At blu, we aim to create the most realistic smoking experience possible. A recent survey revealed that 85% of people would prefer to buy blu
e-cigarette products at their local shop. Join stockists like WH Smith, Bestway and Filshill. For more details on how you can become a blu stockist, please email, call 0800 014 93 55 (option 3) or register your details with our retail site.

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